Chicken with olives and rosemary

Ligurian Chicken


This dinner always makes me think of time spent walking through olive groves in Tuscany. That, you won't be surprised to know, was in another life before we had any small assistants. Now, rather than get completely melancholy about how far I am flung from those far flung places, I cook.

While I'd be loathe to debate the Italian-ness of this dinner, it does combine some classic Mediterranean ingredients: rosemary, olives and tomatoes. Along with this wonderful combination of smokey, salty and sweet are roasted chicken pieces (2 per portion).

It comes to you ready for heating in the oven. Cover with foil and heat in a moderate oven for around 55 minutes. And even the travel-curbing assistants enjoy it.

Gluten free.

Ingredients: Chicken maryland, tinned tomatoes, white wine, olives, garlic, anchovies, rosemary, olive oil, salt, pepper