Warming Chicken Soup

Warming Chicken Soup


This recipe came to me via a lovely customer who gave me the most beautiful book of wonderful recipes to cook and gift. I have cooked loads of things out of it. I am, I'm ashamed to say, a little slow on the gifting... everything has been so delicious we've eaten it all.

Soup, in my house, is not considered dinner. Until this one. It's wholesome and hearty and completely delicious. One of my junior recipe testers routinely tells me he does not like soup.

He eats bowls full of this soup with gusto. "That's not proper soup," he tells me.

And he's right. It's heartier and heavier and altogether more like "a proper dinner".

So now, in my house, we have soup for dinner. And, happily, so can you.

Contains dairy. May contain traces of gluten and other allergens.

Ingredients: Chicken thigh, tomatoes, chickpeas, vegetable stock (housemade), lentils, onion, butter, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, parsley, coriander, salt & pepper