Chicken & Mushroom Pie (Frozen)

Chicken & Mushroom Pie (Frozen)


In the south-west of England I once had a nasty incident involving a chicken & mushroom pastie and an over-sized seagull. This brazen animal used my head as a launching pad to dive into my lunch which was sitting on my knee.

Now, following extensive therapy, I have put that episode behind me. I'm fine. As long as I have my chicken and mushroom as pie, not pastie. 

And this, is a very good pie. Chicken breast, loads of mushrooms fresh herbs, cooked in a creamy sauce. Rude words were uttered in the kitchen when the team described how much they loved the filling. I'll leave it at that for you to figure out just what was said. This deliciousness is wrapped in Dinner on the Table's signature shortcrust pastry.

Delivered to your home frozen, you can cook it directly from frozen for around 60mins (no thinking required while this is happening!) until golden brown on the outside and piping hot on the inside.

Ingredients: Chicken breast, mushroom, cream, vegetable stock (housemade), flour, butter, egg, cornflour, parsley, oregano, thyme, sugar, salt, pepper