Individual Spinach Filo Pies

Individual Spinach Filo Pies


Some members of my household get a kick out of an individual pie: and so this dinner fits that bill. A winning combination of fresh spinach, feta, ricotta and a little parmesan, wrapped up as a pleasing pie for one (2 or 4 in a package). 

The filo is layered with a little olive oil, rather than buttering every layer. Thirty-five minutes or so in a hot oven and you'll have flakey, golden brown goodness, and dinner on the table. 

Delivered to your home frozen, there's no need for defrosting: you can cook them straight from the freezer. The other advantage with these pies is they can be cooked one at a time if needed - just remove as many pies as needed from the package.

It also strikes me that these could be an excellent meal standby for those occasions when "dinner" (or substantial snack) needs to be served at all hours of the day or night.

These used to be a very good meal for consuming on the side of a soccer field, or netball court. Or whilst seated on an unyielding, bum-numbing bench seat placed in an obscure corner of a gymnastics gym.

In current times, they are best consumed in the comfort of one's own home. And so now we marvel at all the stellar places, we used to dine...

Ingredients: Spinach, feta cheese, ricotta, onion, spring onions, egg, parmesan, filo pastry, parsley, pepper, nutmeg