Potato bake. Dinner on the Table meal delivery Sydney

Potato Bake


There are two types of families in the world. Those who bake potatoes, and those who potato bake.

I grew up in a family that baked potatoes. Which I really liked. The senior recipe tester grew up with Potato Bake.

I now understand how deprived I was.

Sliced potato, a little garlic, cream all baked together into cheesy deliciousness. This will sit happily alongside any number of dishes you care to name. It would also make an excellent Sunday night dinner/snack/I am not cooking for you again, you ate all week, type meal with some salad on the side.

Delivered to your home frozen, it will sit in wait until such time as you cannot bear it any longer.

Contains dairy.  May contain traces of gluten, peanut

Ingredients: Potato, cream, sour cream, cheese, garlic, parsley, salt & pepper.