Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie

Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie


This dinner is the real deal. This lamb is the grass fed, free range variety that I imagine required a shepherd. Or a farmer at least.

Slow cooked with a bunch of veggies and covered in sweet potato mash, it's delicious, nutritious and great for any night when you'd rather someone else did the cooking.

With a hint of chilli (but not enough to frighten the chilli-shy in your house), this dinner will arrive to you frozen. Stock up for the nights you're up against it, or stick it straight in the oven.  With all the hard work done, it will go straight from your freezer to your oven to reheat.

Dinner sorted.

Contains dairy. May contain traces of gluten and other allergens.

Ingredients: Lamb mince, sweet potatoes, carrot, onion, capsicum, mushrooms, tomato paste, butter, garlic, chilli, dried rosemary, salt, pepper