Moroccan "Afro" Chicken

Moroccan "Afro" Chicken


I have no idea why this is called "Afro" chicken. This is a Dinner on the Table adaptation of a recipe from a fabulous Moroccan cookbook.

Chicken breast is marinated in a parsley pesto of sorts... if indeed Moroccans have this sort of thing! The chicken is then quickly cooked with tomatoes, sweet potato, baby spinach and finished with a touch of coconut milk. It's light on chilli and a favourite of ours and our children's.

Chicken casserole for the whole family... with a North African twist. Delivered to your home frozen, just reheat and serve alongside rice.

May contain traces of gluten and other allergens.

Ingredients: Chicken breast, sweet potato, tomatoes, coconut milk, fresh parsley, onion, garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil, ground cumin, ground coriander, ground chilli, salt, pepper