Savoury scrolls. Melbourne and Sydney meal delivery

Savoury Scrolls


The junior recipe testers are, like all of your children at the moment, at home. A lot. Like ALL THE TIME.

And so they want to eat. Like ALL THE TIME. And I am bored of thinking of things to feed them.

Enter savoury scrolls. Homemade and in four different flavours, they are great for lunch time, for snack time, and for you-cannot-possibly-be-hungry-again time. These may become your new best friend.

Defrost and heat in the microwave or oven until warmed through. Our preference is heated in the oven for maximum crunchy, soft deliciousness.

Contains gluten, dairy. May contain traces of nuts and other allergens.

Ingredients: Flour (wheat), cream, lemonade, plus:

Pesto scrolls: Basil pesto (contains NUTS), parmesan
Vegemite scrolls: Vegemite, tasty cheese
Bacon scrolls: Crushed tomato, bacon, tasty cheese
Spinach & feta: Spinach, feta, tasty cheese