Homemade granola in a bowl. Melbourne and Sydney meal delivery



Breakfast, and cereal in particular, is a big deal in my house. In fact, we go through so much milk each week I have often considered the financial prudence of buying a cow for the backyard.

Granola is a completely delicious, nutritious breakfast option. Topped with milk, or yoghurt, or fruit (all three for me!) it will power you up and keep you going til lunchtime. 

This granola is made by hand in our kitchen, baked and packaged just for you. It contains no artificial anything and no refined sugars. Sprinkle full or bowl full - the choice is entirely yours.

Contains NUTS. Contains traces of gluten (from rolled oats).

Ingredients: Oats, almonds, cranberries, pepitas, chia seeds, almonds, coconut flakes, rice bran oil, maple syrup, vanilla, salt