Apple & Apricot Crumble


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Crumble is a wintery dessert. It is also one of the desserts of my youth. The grand matron recipe tester (AKA my mum) used to make it at regular intervals.

The other thing that convinced me the need for such a dessert was the gusto with which the photographer wolfed down the prop as soon as he decreed the shot was fine. Product testing and professional photography all in one service, it would seem.

Apples slowly stewed with a little cinnamon and ground ginger, covered with an oaty, crumbly topping (this with almonds), ready for your oven, your waiting plate and your widely opened mouth.

Heating instructions

Place in a preheated 180C oven for 45-60 mins until bubbling and heated through. No need to defrost prior.


Apple, apricot, sugar, cinnamon, cornflour. Flour, butter, sugar, oats, almonds.
Contains: NUTS, dairy, gluten

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