Zucchini Slice (Frozen)

Zucchini Slice (Frozen)


This recipe has been a family favourite of ours for a while now. Despite its somewhat green hue, and despite the fact that the junior recipe testers routinely malign the humble zucchini, they happily wolf this down.

It is essentially a recipe from the 'bible' of cooking: Stephanie Alexander's "The Cook's Companion". We have increased the fibre content with the use of wholemeal flour, and the diners neither noticed nor complained.

The slice will come to you ready to reheat in your oven. Toss a salad, slice the crusty bread and dinner is done.

Vegetarian. Contains gluten, egg, dairy.

Ingredients: Zucchini, eggs, wholemeal flour, tasty cheese, parmesan cheese, onion, tomato, pepper