The Dad Slabs The Dad Slabs The Dad Slabs The Dad Slabs The Dad Slabs

The Dad Slabs


For Father's Day.

In this house, the senior recipe tester (Dad, to the junior recipe testers - if I am ever heard to call him that will you please take me outside and hose me down?) is a pre-eminent force. He is the go to for all of us, particularly when we've gotten ourselves into some kind of predicament. I call on him more than most. (I am in a scrape more often than I like to admit...)

He is unflappable, self-sacrificing and steady. He is both advice giver when overwhelmed by the horror of fractions (hello, home-school-parent), and jumping partner on the trampoline. The junior recipe testers would be sunk without him.

I can't even begin to tell you where I'd be.

The man I call Dad, is someone I have known and admired for years (rather a lot of years). When I was going off the deep end as a kid, I knew he would call me back from the edge. Edges weren't his thing. Even keeled and reliable were his modus operandi. If I can be half the generous, community-minded and loving person he is, I'll consider it a win.

Dads are important to us in so many ways. 

And so we bestow upon them... cake. In vast and inelegant slabs. Each completely delicious.

Delivered to your home for Dad (oh alright, you can have one too), a box containing three all time favourites: Coconut Rough; Peanut Caramel, & Carrot Cake. 

The Dad Slabs contain peanut, gluten, dairy, eggs and other tree nuts. May contain traces of other allergens.