Pork and chorizo braise

Pork & Chorizo Braise with Olives (Frozen)


This is heart-warming food at its best. But that doesn't mean we should limit ourselves to the warmer months of the year to eat it. This dinner started with a search for something new to cook for the senior and junior recipe testers at my place.

To be honest, when I looked at the original recipe, from one of Valli Little's Delicious cookbooks, I wasn't entirely sold on the idea of pork and olives in the same pot.

I was wrong.

Pork and olives together are excellent. You could eat this a bunch of ways. It would be delicious with rice, with baked potato, or with crusty bread and salad. Free-range pork, slow cooked, and delicious, the juniors in my house inhaled it with unfettered joy.

May contain traces of gluten.

Ingredients: Pork, tomatoes, red wine, onion, chorizo, garlic, vegetable stock (housemade), olives, tomato paste, red wine vinegar, smoked paprika, oregano, rosemary, olive oil, caster sugar, pepper, salt.