Margherita pizza

Pesto Pizza (Frozen)


If you like the idea of homemade pizza with just the toppings you like... but don't have the time to make it, we have a solution. This is the homemade pizza, you don't have to make yourself, topped with homemade tomato pizza sauce and homemade basil pesto.

These pizzas you can use to top with your favourite toppings, or you can put them straight into the oven and just cook them. Either way, they'll be delicious.

Classic tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, a sprinkling of parmesan and our own basil pesto.  Ten minutes in a hot oven and you're done. Feeds 1-2 adults.

Ingredients: Flour, mozzarella, tomato passata, parmesan, basil, garlic, pinenuts, olive oil, yeast, oregano, salt, sugar