muffins in baking tin for home catering

Lunch Snack - Banana Muffins


We know good dinners, done for you, change your daily life. But we think wholesome snacks could change your daily life too.

Bananas are just the great all-rounder. And these are completely delicious. They readily span breakfast, morning tea, or lunch. The first time these were baked we had a photographer in the kitchen taking product shots. He had no qualms tucking into the, ah, leftovers, alongside the kitchen staff.

These muffins are high in fibre and zero in nasties. We'll cook them fresh and snap freeze them for you. Keep them in your freezer, then all you need to do come lunchbox packing time, is remove as many as you need, and pop them into your lunch container. By morning tea time they'll be defrosted and ready for munching.

Contains gluten, dairy, egg

Ingredients: Flour (plain & wholemeal), brown sugar, milk, banana, dessicated coconut, rice bran oil, baking powder, salt