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Even as a child I would always select a homemade biscuit over a bought one. Bought biscuits, particularly those hailing from a plastic tray inside a sealed plastic bag, never fail to trade aesthetic perfection for taste. They look lovely and taste like cardboard.

Enter our loaded, choc-chip chunky cookies. These look beautiful (see for yourself), and taste even better.

When Christina, our pastry chef, first floated the idea of a loaded cookie for our catering jobs, I felt a distinct urge for a quick google. And then I tasted one and it all made sense: crumbly cookie loaded with chunks of deliciousness and a gooey centre. 

Given that we have been cooking these for our catering clients for some time, we thought it was high time we cooked them for you too.  Keep them sealed in your freezer (if you can manage the self control) and they'll stay fresh and delicious for weeks.

For maximum centre ooziness, we recommend microwaving defrosted cookies for 25-45 seconds (depending on your microwave) until the centre is warm and gooey.

These cookies will require your biggest mug of tea to get through them, but what's not to love about that situation? And they will taste just like you cooked them yourself, because they have no preservatives and no unpronounce-ables.

Contains gluten, dairy, peanuts.

Ingredients: Flour, brown sugar, caster sugar, eggs, butter, choc chips, peanut butter, cornflour, vanilla, bicarb soda, salt

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