Gwydir Grove Grey Label Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gwydir Grove Grey Label 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


In our kitchen, Gwydir Grove is the only olive oil we use. And now, you can use it in your kitchen too. It's grown and bottled in Moree by two pioneering and formidable women, Margi Kirkby and Jenni Birch. These women are experts at producing Extra Virgin Oil, and they've won a great deal of respect and many awards.

Do you remember that ad from the 80's, "Oils ain't oils?" Well, turns out they're not! Olive oil is often "diddled with": other oils may be added to lengthen it, so what you purchase may not be just olive oil. Not so with Gwydir Grove. With Gwydir Grove you can be assured that you're buying 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And it's completely delicious.

We're excited to be able to bring you the same ingredients we love to cook with, so that you can cook with them too.

Gwydir Grove Grey Label Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fresh and fruity oil with a gentle herbaceous bitterness and a spicy finish. This oil is ideal for sauces, mayonnaise and dressings where the flavour of olive oil is required.

All Gwydir Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oils are Certified Australian Extra Virgin, so you can be confident and guaranteed of quality and freshness.

Available in 250 & 500 ml bottles.