Dim Sims - Our Way (Frozen)

Dim Sims - Our Way (Frozen)


These Dim Sims are a relatively recent discovery in my house, with thanks to a recipe adaptation from the fabulously talented Karen Martini. Since their discovery we have cooked them a multitude of times. Every time I think, "I'll take some of those for my lunch tomorrow." 

Every time I am disappointed. The junior recipe testers vacuum them up. It should be noted, that the Dinner on the Table staff were also hovering when it came time to package. There was desperate hope that an odd number of these delicious parcels would result in a few staffies for lunch.

To serve your people, simply sit the Dim Sims on an oven tray and reheat in a moderate oven until the centres are warm and the pastry a little crispy a the edges.

They are delicious with a dipping sauce: try sweet chilli mixed with soy sauce and lime juice. 

But what are we talking about? They're just delicious.

Contains gluten, egg, sesame.

Ingredients: Pork mince, beef mince, wombok, mushrooms, egg, garlic, ginger, wonton wrappers, spring onion, sesame oil, soy sauce (GF), cornflour, white pepper