Beef & Vegetable Parcels (Frozen)

Beef & Vegetable Parcels (Frozen)


My household have a "thing" for individually sized pie-type dinners. One day, when I find an individual pie tin with which I am pleased, we might do individual round pies. Until then I will make you individual parcels.

These parcels contain premium beef mince (>95% fat free), loads of veg (largely hidden, apart from a sprinkle of peas), cooked and then wrapped into filo pastry. In the interests of full disclosure the filo is not housemade. If I'm being really honest I don't have any plans to start making the filo from scratch... I can't fathom rolling anything that thin!

The parcels can be cooked from frozen in around 45mins (when they're golden brown and delicious looking, pull them out).

Ingredients: Beef mince, onion, carrot, celery, peas, filo pastry, tomato paste, balsamic vinegar, vegetable stock (housemade), garlic, salt, ground fennel, dried oregano, sesame seeds