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In my house, honey is a big deal. The junior recipe testers go through kilos of it. I have often contemplated a hive in our backyard as a financial aid.

While I might fantasise about becoming an apiarist, my daily reality does not allow for this. I am, for the time being, more than content with allowing others to do the hard work so that I can enjoy really good honey.

And this, is really good honey. Supplied by our good friends at Amber Drop Honey it is completely delicious. Amber Drop rescue bee hives that are destined for extermination, re-home them and nurture them. You can taste how happy their bees are.

So, we offer you social enterprise honey to go with your social enterprise dinners. We've fed this honey to you before in our gift boxes. Now you can purchase it for your pantry. You're welcome.

Heating instructions

Enjoy your honey as is!


100% raw honey, cold extracted, whipped and bottled

Ginger honey also contains: raw ginger, ground organic ginger, ground organic cinnamon and lemon zest from the Amber Drop farm trees (pesticide free)

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Delivered with your dinners, on the day and time you choose!

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our social impact

When we cook for you we cook for a family living with disability


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