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Rachel Golding

Dinner on the Table exists to change your daily life.

Let's face it, women are juggling: work, life, children and family.

We provide delicious, nutritious meals, just as if you’d made them yourself, for those days when there are just too many balls to keep in the air.  

We know that having your dinner sorted long before you want to eat it means that daily life is just that little bit richer.

Rachel Golding founded Dinner on the Table in January 2014. Knowing that she loved to cook, Rachel was asked by a friend if she would make some dinners she could put in the freezer to have on hand when the rigours of daily life didn’t leave time to cook dinner for her family.

Two chicken and leek pies were cooked and subsequently eaten, and a business idea began to germinate.

Rachel (nee Mayes) is a former postdoctoral fellow, researching family and disability. She believes that, as well as making a huge difference in your daily life... together, we can transform the way our society cares for women made vulnerable by disability.  These women are doing the juggle too, often with fewer resources and greater pressures. Knowing that tonight’s dinner is done surely takes some of the pressure off.  

Your order allows us to provide meals at no cost to women made vulnerable by disability and their families.

Watch this video to find out how we are changing the daily lives of some of Sydney's more vulnerable families. 

We owe a debt of great thanks to the production team who put this together. But, above all, we are so very grateful to the families who allowed us to tell their stories.

To find out more about what motivates us, you can read:

You can watch an interview with Rachel by Tamara Wikaruk from Harcourt Hills Living and listen to an interview with David Koch on Talking Lifestyle.

We've been gifting dinners since February 2015 and in August 2017 we started composting our kitchen veggie scraps in collaboration with The Hills School.

Here's how we're doing so far:


Meals gifted to families living with disability


Total adult portions given*


Dinner prep hours saved


Kilos of veggie scraps composted














*As we gift dinners to families with children, those portions have fed a greater number of people.