Chicken in oven

Teriyaki Chicken (Frozen)


This is the Dinner on the Table version of a hands-down family favourite. The recipe came to me from Irish, the chef who works with me in the kitchen... and it, like all the dinners she produces, is delicious! It is sticky, sweet, salty... it has all the hallmarks of a good teriyaki chicken.

When this was recently presented to the junior recipe testers we have around, all opened jaws and munched. No questions, no cajoling, no bribing. Just unfettered dinner-time joy.

Each serve contains two chicken marylands. It comes to you ready for heating in the oven (cover with foil first). Or, stock up your freezer... you can heat it directly from frozen.

Gluten free.

Ingredients: Chicken maryland, honey, water, GF soy sauce, onion, rice wine vinegar, ginger, garlic, olive oil, pepper